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The GDPR User Experience

The transparency requirements of GDPR are a significant challenge for businesses. I examine the impact on the user experience and offer an example of layered, unbundled consent.

Sourcers guide to GDPR

Sourcers are present at a critical step in the recruitment process and have an important role to play in applying the new data protection regulation. Let's look at how...

Recruitment in 2018

Automation, blockchain in HR and GDPR are all topics that are gaining steam in 2018 for recruiters. What should you be paying attention to now?

GDPR for Small and Micro Businesses

Small & micro businesses may struggle to find the time and resources to address their GDPR challenges. I look at some practical steps to begin the complaince journey. Free guide...

Consent - The GDPR elephant in the room

Are your currently processing personal information under a valid lawful basis for GDPR? How can you put your contacts database on an equal footing? Read on to find out.

GDPR for Devs - Data Protection by Design

What are the technological challenges for developers and technical teams when working toward GDPR compliance? A Data Protection by Design approach to accountability.

GDPR for Devs - Data Subject Rights

Developers are well positioned to understand the challenges that GDPR presents. In this article, I look at data subject rights and the implications for businesses under GDPR.

GDPR for Devs - An Introduction

So, you’re a Developer and wondering what all this banging on about GDPR is? Don’t worry… you’re not alone. Unless you’re in one of the few companies that have been preparing...